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Road Map

Current State

Port Spider is a Minimum Viable Product . We created it to see if others also needed regular, remote, nmap scanning of their public IP addresses.

We also needed to discover whether users would be willing to pay a minimal fee, as a free service would be abused.

The road map below is extremely fluid and easily influenced by suggestions from paying customers.

All further development of Port Spider will be funded by sales of credits.

Password Reset

That's right, this site is so minimal that you'll need to send us an email if you want your password to be reset.


We'll style the site with Bootstrap or some similar CSS.

Access Scan Results from /targets

We will add some pages to let users see the results of previous scans, from the list of targets.

Provide Diffs in Alert Emails

Currently, the alert emails include the new and old nmap results.

It would be much more pleasent to include an HTML diff to show the changes, perhaps using diff2html.

Other Options and Commands

Port Spider could offer nmap options, including other commands, and report changes in their output.